Five Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space More Usable

Spending time outdoors is the best way of relaxing and gaining a sense of perspective. All of us know this and love to get outside in our gardens when weather permits, but it is surprising how few of us put in the time and effort to make the most of the outdoor space that we […]

Home Improvement

Your Ultimate Guide To Fiberglass Blanket Insulation

Insulating your home is an important part of staying comfortable year-round. Contrary to popular belief, insulation isn’t just for staying warm — in fact, it’s just as important when it comes to keeping you cool in hot weather! The goal of insulation is to keep air from getting into your home from outside. The less […]

DIY Exterior Tips

All Hands on Deck!: The Pros and Cons of Custom Deck Builders vs DIY

Do you love making improvements to your home? If so, you’re not alone.  After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than major renovation projects. It’s a great way to make your house look better while also increasing your property value. When it comes to awesome home improvement projects, it’s hard to beat adding a deck. A deck […]


What Questions to Ask Before Ordering Wall Decals?

Wall decals are an easy and quick way to decorate your living room without damaging your walls with hooks or paint. It is the perfect temporary decorative idea that would fit any budget.  Styling your wall has become now very easy with the exhilarating options available at websites like Never Never Wall Decals. However, you […]

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6 Tips for Saving Money So You Can Improve Your Home

Improving our homes is something that most people aspire to. However, when it actually comes to having an extension built, laying underfloor heating or knocking through a wall, what stops us in many cases is cost. Like any other large outlay in life, certain sacrifices often have to be made if you want to transform […]