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How to Introduce More Light Into Your Home

The longest day of the year, back in June, offered the best opportunity to maximize natural light inside our homes. If you threw open the blinds that day, you likely felt more energized, your mood improved, and you got a better view of your dust bunnies, cobwebs, and that child-size set of fingerprints on the […]


Shaded To Perfection: The Industrial Pergola For Your Open Patio

A great way you can shade your open patio is by adding the panache and style of an industrial pergola. Okay, you’re thinking the industrial bit might not work too well in your backyard right? Well, guess what, let’s show you how you can make these type of pieces work. In fact, industrial pergolas for […]


Is a HEPA Filter Vacuum Worth It?

Have you been toying with the idea of investing in a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner? These powerful devices could help you achieve the allergy-free relief you’ve been searching for, so there’s never been a better time to check them out! You might find that a robot vacuum with a HEPA filter or a new bagless […]

DIY Tips

Personal Finance Tips for the DIYer

For the most dedicated among us, DIY is more than just a means of getting a job done cheap – it is a life-long hobby that we are passionate about! There is nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes with finishing a job and being able to admire your handiwork in the knowledge that you […]


Putting the Spotlight on Room Ambiance: Creating a Relaxing Space

Everyone needs a place to power down, relax, and find an escape from the world around them. Recent reports indicate the right lighting can reduce stress and improve your mood. Before you start a complete remodel of your family room, kitchen, or foyer, consider working with your lighting options to create the perfect room ambiance.  In […]